• Acela Biotek Team

Case Studies - Monterey Peninsula Country Club, Pebble Beach CA

Ryan Cole, Superintendent

Email: rcole@mpccpb.org

The Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach started using the organic soil amendment LALITHA 21® in March 2018. In June 2018, the Superintendent, Mr. Ryan Cole, provided the following testimonials:

“We applied LALITHA 21® to the fairway on #5, which was one of the more problematic holes for us in terms of retaining sufficient soil moisture. After 3 applications that were one month apart, we noticed a change in the moisture uniformity throughout the fairway. With the enhanced uniformity we were able to cut back on manual spot watering and the continual addition of overhead water on those hot spots. Then we took a thermal image of the course to show the plant transpiration based on adequate soil moisture content, #5 fairway is at the top right of the image. Unlike the adjacent holes, #5 fairway shows uniform moisture retention, with no thermal hotspots. LALITHA 21® helped us achieve consistent playability on that fairway as well as reduced labor costs and water savings.”