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Case Studies - Desert Empire AG, Thermal CA

Enrique Berriozabal, Farm Manager


Phone: (760) 485-6431

Almost giving up on his bell pepper crop in the Fall 2018 due to excessive seedling failure, requiring up to 50% replacement rate, Enrique turned to LALITHA 21® as last resort to treat the seedlings prior to transplanting. As a result, Enrique was able to save his harvest and recoup his investment. Enrique has the following to say about LALITHA 21®:

“As a small farmer, the seedlings I was able to get from the local nursery were of lower grade and often infected with root rot fungus. I had to go through 3 replantings, replacing more than 50% of the nursery stock. I was about to give up for fear of missing the harvest window when Anthony at Acela Biotek suggested that I treat the seedlings with LALITHA 21® prior to field transplanting. I did that and waited one week before transplanting the seedlings to the field. All the treated seedlings survived, with many showing early flowering. Thanks to LALITHA 21®, I had a good bell pepper harvest and was able to take my bell peppers to the market within the selling window. Most of my bell pepper plants survived through the cold month of December here in Coachella Valley with no frost damage. The bell peppers grown with LALITHA 21® were quite tasty and healthy looking. They were perhaps the best looking ones at my buyer’s stand. I am very happy with the result, and I will keep on using LALTHA 21® on all of my crops.”

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