Over 10 Years of Results;

Over 100 Different Crop

Developed at Michigan State University

US Patent 8822190 

US Patent 9615584

OMRI Certified & Approved in 46 States

Non-GMO, Non-Toxic, Non-Pathogenic



Cilantro - Vietnam


Cilantro - Vietnam

Organic Use Approved in

46 US States

Field Testing Performed by

University of California, Davis

Popular Science

Grand Award for Forage Boost

Former Sumagrow product

Microbial Technology Developed at

Michigan State University

Patent Protected

US Patent 8822190 

US Patent 9615584


Almond Tree with

Hull Disease

Strengthening Plant Immune System

Prior to Acela Biotek use, growers faced severe

Hull Rot Fungal infection on their almond crop. However, after harvest with Acela Biotek, growers experienced groundbreaking results:

After harvesting, we ran through meticulous QA procedures on the treated and control. We were delighted to conclude that with LALITHA 21®, we were able to reduce the Hull Rot infection in our crop by a factor of 30%." 

Maricopa Almond Orchards

Bakersfield, California


Almond Tree with Reduced Hull Disease