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Award Winning Technology

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The science behind LALITHA 21® received the Popular Science Grand Prize Award for its forage boost and multi-functional benefits. It was chosen for "Best of What's New" & Grand Award winner in the Green Tech Category for its ability to increase crop yields, conserve water, and improve the environment, while eliminating fertilizer dependence.

Increase Yields

Conserve Water

Reduce Fertilizers

Breakthrough in Agricultural Science

In healthy soil there are trillions of living microorganisms, also called microbes. These naturally occurring microbes are crucial to the health of the soil, plants, and surrounding environment. So far, only a small fraction of the world’s microbes have been studied by the scientific community. For over, 30 years we have been constantly evaluating new microbial strains unique to the respective environments, and using cutting-edge techniques and proprietary laboratory procedures, we have selected beneficial blends of unique microbes that breathe life back into the soil.

Our flagship product, LALITHA 21®, consists of a synergistic consortium of 21 strains of naturally occurring and specifically selected soil microbes. This consortium of beneficial bacteria and trichoderma fungi were carefully selected for their multi-functional properties important to plant development including: increased nitrogen availability, solubilization and mobilization of minerals (phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements), acid/alkali production, EPS production, phytohormone production and nodulation, and the natural production of other plant hormones and growth stimulants. Functions also include the inhibition of plant pathogens including pathogenic nematodes, and the enhancement of natural plant defense mechanisms. The microbial blend was designed to achieve optimal plant growth while reducing the need for chemical inputs.



Cherry Tree - Back to Life


Cherry Tree - Defoliated

Boosting Soil Micro-Organisms in the Natural Production of Nutrients

Our microbial products are a combination of naturally occurring non-pathogenic beneficial bacteria and fungi that create an optimal soil environment to help the plants better handle environmental stress. At every stage of a plant’s growth cycle, our microbial formulation preserves the vital nutrients and beneficial insects in the soil that are needed to improve plant development, helping them better cope with adverse conditions of drought, frost, high salinity and other environmental factors that can impede growth and endanger the health of the plants.


Plant Root Development

Our microbes help plants “recruit” beneficial bacteria to set up nitrogen processing hubs in nodules on the roots at an accelerated rate. The roots are surrounded by colonies of beneficial organisms creating a favorable soil environment to promote vigorous development. Plants grown with LALITHA 21® consistently have more extensive root systems, become bigger and enjoy higher yields. More extensive roots immediately translate to better acquisition and use of moisture and nutrients. Furthermore, continued use creates a positive feedback loop of stronger roots, increased yields, and healthier soil.

Yield Increases Up To: 30%

Thanh Nen Nguyen - Vietnam

User Testimonial

Each season is different, however this season, the plot treated with LALITHA 21 has about 30% yields increases compared to the untreated. Also, i observed that the treated beans are bigger. With Lalitha 21, I expect to generate a profit of $240 per 1,000 square meters this year. previous year, As the president of the local cooperative, I will share this information with my neighbors so they can begin using LALITHA 21.

Our Solution to Improving Water & Nutrient Retention Capacity

We sustain our microbial formulation in a super-molecular humic acid solution that empowers the soil to retain nutrients and moisture. Through a process known as quorum sensing, the microbes in our formulation attach themselves to seeds and roots, enabling enhanced communication and coordination with the plants via signaling molecules.


The microbes also improve the soil structure by physically binding soil particles together. They release a by-product called exo-polysaccharide (EPS) that acts as a “glue,” binding mineral particles and organisms to each other. EPS improves soil water retention capacity and nutrient supply, thus helping plants better withstand drought conditions by growing more leaves and roots, while using less water. Also by boosting the production of aquaporins our microbes also protect plants against environmental stresses such as frost and drought, which are major inhibitors of plant growth.

Preventing Algae Growth

Peninsula Farms Control 2.jpg


Showing No Algae Growth


Showing Algae Growth

Results: Peninsula Hydroponic Farms - Bahrain

In the untreated hydroponic lettuce bed there is algal growth whereas none was found in the treated bed. The microbes in LALITHA 21® are able to inhibit algal growth, enabling re-usability of the nutrient solution, thus saving both water and expensive hydroponic nutrients. This can result in a significant improvement to the economics of hydroponic farming.

The treated beds show thicker roots that are similar to those grown in soil; LALITHA 21® can help bridge the gap between hydroponically grown foods and soil grown foods.

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