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Case Studies - Desert Empire AG, Thermal CA

Enrique Berriozabal, Farm Manager


Phone: (760) 485-6431

A few weeks into his last okra season in the Spring of 2018, Enrique decided to use LALITHA 21® on his 5-acre okra field by accident: he ran out of fertilizer and happened to have a LALITHA 21® container provided by an Acela Biotek sales representative. The following is his testimonial after the successful okra harvest:

“I am so delighted with the wonders LALITHA 21® did for my okras. I was able to harvest the same amount of okras on this 5-acre field as I did last season on 8 acres, a yield increase of more than 60%. I sold my okras at a good price because of the better quality, better taste and texture. I was also able to reduce my fertilizer inputs by 75%. Apart from the herbicide I used to control weeds, I did not have to use any pesticide at all for the entire growing season. There was no need to. The cabbage loopers and other pests seemed to get scared away by LALITHA 21®. As I am preparing my field for the next harvest, I notice that my soil seems to be much moister and less compacted. With LALITHA 21®, I look forward to another successful harvest.”

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