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Over 30 Years of Experience in Microbial Technology

Accelerating Sustainable & Innovative Solutions

Leadership in Microbial Technology & Science

Advancing the Green Revolution

Accelerating Sustainable Solutions

Acela Biotek's mission is to accelerate innovative solutions for the world's toughest problems through the use of microbial technology. Facing rising populations, climate change, record chemical pollution, and limited access to water, we believe microbes can fundamentally change the way we approach many of these global problems through more effective and sustainable methods. The Acela Biotek team is driven by our passion for sustainable solutions, and a commitment to create a better world for the future.

The Global Impact Case:

In the US, chemical fertilizer and pesticide pollution has been linked to 166 dead zones. According to the US Geological Survey, over 90% of fresh waterways contain one or more pesticides, many linked to causing cancer.  The Gulf's dead zones alone costs $82 million a year.

The USDA projects the global population to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050, requiring a 70% increase in food production. Current agricultural practices are projected to only increase the record level in global chemical pollution.

At Acela Biotek, we are working to reverse environmental damage. With groundbreaking economic benefits for growers, we hope to accelerate the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices and help feed the world, address global poverty, and protect our precious natural resources for our future generations.

Leadership in Microbial Technology

Acela Biotek's leadership team includes award winning scientists and entrepreneurs, with over 30 years of experience in microbial technology, who are committed to solving problems for farmers and the larger agricultural industry. Acela Biotek's team is constantly evaluating new microbial strains unique to many respective environments, and using the most cutting-edge techniques to select beneficial blends of microbes to help solve agricultural problems both local and around the world.

Our Team
Vinh Nguyen 2019.08.15.JPG

Dr. Vinh Nguyen - President & CEO

Dr. Vinh Nguyen is a seasoned international business and finance executive with a career spanning the public sector, private sector and academia. In the public sector, he advised flag officers and high-ranking US DoD executives in the areas of naval warfare, logistics and IT architecture. In the private sector, Dr. Nguyen held key executive roles in leading companies such as Schlumberger and BMC Software. In academia, Dr. Nguyen taught Engineering at Lamar University and conducted research for NASA in robotics, composite materials, computational mechanics and artificial intelligence. His diverse interests include mathematics, economics and clean technologies.

Chuck VoTa-1.jpg

Chuck VoTa - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. VoTa is a graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management and started his career as a banker with Bank of America.  He spent over 25 years with various financial institutions in Southern California, including 12 years as President of First American Capital Funding, Inc., a Specialized Small Business Corporation, licensed by the US Small Business Administration to provide financing and venture capital for small businesses nationwide. 

Jonathan Zilli.png

Jonathan Zilli - Business Development

Mr. Zilli is an accomplished C-level executive combining entrepreneurial zeal, fiscal discipline, and bottom-line mentality in building and leading high-performing organizations. He served as Senior Vice President at Paramount Pictures responsible for strategic licensing and merchandising business development for all non-US territories. After Paramount Pictures, he founded a film development and production company in Europe and provided business development advisory services to both startups and established companies on a global basis.  His clients included Tatweer, a division of Dubai Holdings, and MIG 2000, a Russian developer of a $4B Magic World Russia destination resort and theme park in Moscow, Russia. Mr. Zilli is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Patterson high resolution.jpg

Gary Patterson - Fiscal Sustainability

Mr. Patterson has over 30 years’ experience helping control financial destiny and capitalize on hidden high return opportunities, while limiting exposure to risk. Leader at 2 international INC 500 companies (consumer products and renewable energy), former CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, CCO and Stanford MBA / Big 4 CPA. The FiscalDoctor has learned one thing from analyzing and helping hundreds of companies: "What You Don't Know That You Don't Know About Your Business Can Cost You Your Business" which can mean the difference between life and death, in your product, business, department, life or job.


Dr. Le Thuy Vuong - Food Research

Dr. Vuong holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition from UC Davis with emphasis on International Nutrition and Epidemiology. Her research focuses on sustainable, food-based solutions to malnutrition and degenerative diseases. She designed and carried out first-in-the-field studies (with funding support from Sight and Life (DSM, Switzerland) and the Thrasher Research Fund (USA)) on Gac (Redmelon®), and scientifically proved that the use of this fruit in daily diet can alleviate vitamin A deficiency for children and young mothers in developing countries . Dr. Vuong invented methods to extract and to improve bioavailability and stability of carotenes from redmelon, and produced nutritional oil for daily use ( She continues her research efforts on redmelon and other medicinal plants, indigenous food and dietary habits and processes that can enhance well ness and prevent diseases.

Stacy Photo.jpg

Stacy Reuhl - Cultivation Research

Ms. Stacy Reuhl is a life-long organic grower with over a decade of autodidactic study in floriculture, horticulture and soil health and has extensive professional experience in small and medium-scale cannabis, vegetable and flower cultivation. Additionally, Stacy worked for nearly a decade in the California cannabis industry with patients, retailers and producers helping them to improve their operations, yields and quality. Stacy is continuously expanding her knowledge, receiving certifications as a UC Master Gardener and permaculture designer and is currently seeking certifications as a Soil Food Web Consultant and Lab Technician through Dr. Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School. She works with growers assisting them in quickly and effectively transitioning to ecological farming methods by adopting regenerative agriculture practices. 

Wesley Sagewalker_edited.png

Wesley Sagewalker - Sales

Wesley Sagewalker attended Harvard University for his undergraduate studies and University of Mannheim for a M.Sc in Economics. Since 2014 he has worked on strategic planning and execution, project management, and data analytics for a variety of political campaigns, business startups, and government contracts. Wesley grew up working on a small farm and ranch, and is passionate about advancing sustainable agricultural practices and development around the world.

Headshot - Andrew Truman Kim.jpg

Andrew Truman Kim - Project Management

Andrew Truman Kim worked in the U.S. Congress as the District Project Director for Congressman John Garamendi. He managed economic development programs including: workforce development, small-business development and international commerce. Andrew helped realize many strategies advancing rural development and supporting U.S. Veterans. As the Managing Director for Acela Biotek, Andrew focuses on Acela's sustainable food production and agricultural land restoration programs. Currently, Andrew is  a real estate developer aspiring to sustainable development principles and triple bottom-line impact. Andrew is a certified project manager from Stanford University and a proud UC Davis alumni.

Saif Karimi.png

Saif Karimi - Global Marketing

Saif Karimi is an experienced businessman with an extensive international network. He operated Sunrise Hardware and was a successful supplier of computer equipment to NASA. Mr. Karimi is well connected with the South Asian communities in the US, Canada and elsewhere. His global business network spans the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Global Account Managers


Joel Domínguez

As CEO of DAGRI co., Joel has been supplying inputs for agriculture and golf since 2012. Joel has been introducing Acela Biotek products to farmers since 2019 as part of his practice introducing new technologies and sustainable organic innovations to farmers in Mexico.

Hong Pham_edited.jpg

Hong Pham

Hong has been involved in the distribution of microbial products in Vietnam for over 10 years. She has a wide business and professional network in Vietnam and surrounding countries. Hong serves as Acela Biotek’s Regional Manager for Southeast Asia.


Julio Castelló

An agronomist with extensive experience with field crops in Mexico, Julio has been working with Mexican farmers since 2018 to introduce Acela Biotek products to organic and conventional farms with excellent results.

Phan Dien Vy_edited.jpg

Phan Dien Vy

As CEO of Acela Biotek Vietnam, Vy is instrumental in pushing for market adoption of Acela Biotek’s products in Vietnam. He graduated with a law degree from HCMC Law School and currently teaches banking law in addition to his responsibilities at Acela Biotek Vietnam.

Tho Tran.png

Isabel Tran

Isabel is experienced in marketing, bus-dev, and PR, with various financial and real estate companies in Southern California. Prior to coming to the U.S, Isabel was a successful entrepreneur in Canada. She was Director of Marketing for Millennium Commercial Group.

Dung Tran_edited.jpg

Tran Van Dung

Dung has been involved in agricultural inputs in the Vietnam market since 2010. He is currently CEO of Hoang Phuc Agricultural Investments, a distributor of Acela Biotek's products under the BIO SUM brand.


Acela Biotek is a solutions-based company that works to address today's most challenging agronomic and environmental problems. Acela Biotek aims to continue advance its science and leadership in microbial technology to help create a better world for the future.


Acela Biotek's offices are located near University of California, Davis - currently ranked #1 in plant sciences in the world.

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Advancing the Green Revolution

We are revitalizing not only the soil and the environment, but also the agriculture industry. By reducing the use of harmful chemicals, we can leave a positive environmental footprint on our planet, while simultaneously improving the quality of life for farmers and consumers. By giving the farmers the ability to increase their yields, while cutting the use of dangerous chemicals, we can help advance sustainable farming practices; and we have only scratched the surface of the unexplored applications and potential of our microbial technology. We are committed to share the many benefits of microbial technology to growers and distributors across the globe, providing solutions that are customized to help increase yields and profits. These benefits are then passed onto consumers, who will experience better crops, grown sustainably with less impact on our environment. Yet with trillions of microbes still undiscovered, important scientific discoveries are still ahead, and the world is our laboratory. Come and join our movement to advance the green revolution.

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