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Global Product Distribution

Acela Biotek is proud to present a team of international distributors who have joined our movement to improve profits for growers, while accelerating the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices all over the world. Achieving groundbreaking results for over 100 crops, Acela Biotek and distributors aim to continue pushing the disruptive power of microbial technology. Please make a sales inquiry today, and we look forward to provide product pricing, and to connect you with one of our international distributors.

Sales Inquiry:

Previously I have been using chemical fertilizers so there were no microbes in my soil. Now that I have switched to a microbial fertilizer, my vines look much better than before. I saw the yield double compared to untreated vines. The treated vines produced over 100 fruits while the untreated vines produced only around 40. I plan to treat the rest of my orchard so they all catch up with the treated vines. Previously the fruits didn't have vibrant colors. Now with microbial the colors are much more vibrant compared to chemical fertilizers. When using chemical fertilizers i noticed the soil being compacted and depleted so the vines being unable to absorb, however after applying LALITHA 21, i see the soil becoming rich again.

Luong Van Vinh | Fruit Farm in Vietnam





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Speak to an Acela Biotek Sales Representative today to join countless of growers increasing profits with our award winning microbial product. For limited time only, you can start off with a free field trial. Users must agree to specific trial methodology procedures including tracking results from both treated and control lots; and recommend lots can be up to an acre. Other conditions may apply. Please complete the product purchase form and one of our representatives will get back to you regarding next steps.

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