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Most Proven
Microbial Technology

Acela Biotek helps growers
increase yields, save water, reduce chemical fertilizers, and revitalize soil.

Results for 16+ Years,
All Over the World.

Acela Biotek is a bio-technology company that specializes in microbial formulations that restore soil to a naturally healthy and optimized state - thus reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, while conserving water and increasing yields. Since 2006, Acela Biotek's flagship microbial product, LALITHA 21®, has achieved groundbreaking results with over 100 crops, and from all corners of the world  - consistently improving profits for growers, while accelerating the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices due to overwhelming economic benefits.



Sugar Canes - Vietnam



Sugar Canes - Vietnam

LALITHA 21.png

Worldwide Exclusive License

The technology behind Acela Biotek's flagship product, LALITHA 21®, has been developed with a worldwide exclusive license from Michigan State University and protected by two United States Patents (8822190 & 9615584). The soil amendment technology was invented at Michigan State University by Dr. C. A. Reddy, an internationally recognized microbiologist and Dr. Lalithakumari Janarthanam, a distinguished microbiologist and plant pathologist, which has also gone through several proprietary enhancements. The improved technology has shown to reduce fertilizer usage up to 90% and water usage by 70%, while increasing yields by 30%. Today, a team of top scientists continues to develop Acela Biotek’s products at our laboratory, just minutes away from the University of California at Davis, currently ranked #1 in plant sciences in the world.


Granted Exclusive Worldwide

Licensing of Microbial Technology

Acela Biotek technology was developed with a
Worldwide Exclusive License from Michigan State University

Improving Profits for Growers



Olive Orchard - Texas



Olive Orchard - Texas

Results: Andalusia Olive Orchard - Texas

In the Acela Biotek treated area, fertilizer and water usage was reduced by 50%. While the olive trees in the untreated area perished due to sub-freezing temperatures, the olive trees treated with LALITHA 21® withstood the freeze and also achieved early production, noting the dynamic climate conditions in East Texas. Based on proven effectiveness, the Grower treated an additional 5,000 olive trees, over 20 acres, generating significant profits.  

Yield Increases up to 30%

Fertilizer Reduction up to 90%

Water Savings up to 70%


With just 8 weeks before our recently completed harvest, we water-ran LALITHA 21 and aerially sprayed LALITHA 21 BP on our field containing a mix of Nonpareil and Monterey almond varieties. Just a few weeks after the application, we started noticing the differences between the treated and the control ones. The treated trees were visually healthier with less infected fruits... We will start a full season run with LALITHA on larger almond lots in our orchards next season.



Gary Suthers | Maricopa Almond Orchards

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