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Trial Results - Lalitha-21 vs Conventional Fertilizer (Soybeans)

Bioprotectant with Multifunctional Microorganisms: A New Dimension in Plant Protection (from Journal of Biopesticides Vol1)

By Lalithakumari Janarthanam

Results and Discussions:

Soybean: Soybean variety Asgrow 5606 in the field trial showed a significant increase in yield when SumaGrow-F2 was applied with 50% conventional fertilizer. Like Peanuts the number of pods was more in SG-F2 combined with 50% conventional fertilizer. Roots showed a rich branching in SG-F2 with 50% conventional fertilizers when compared to I 00% fertilizers. Soybean is one of the biggest national crops. The stalk strength was more in Sumagrow-F2 treatment with 50% conventional fertilizers. This gives sustainable long lasting disease protection with improved profit potential. The beneficial microbes in SumaGrow-F2 boost plant health and disease suppression. Number of lateral branches was more with more number of pods in SG-F2 treatment with 50% fertilizers.

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