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Trial Results - Lalitha-21 vs Conventional Fertilizer (Peanuts)

Bioprotectant with Multifunctional Microorganisms: A New Dimension in Plant Protection (from Journal of Biopesticides Vol1)

By Lalithakumari Janarthanam

Results and Discussion:

Peanut: Peanut (Table 6) also showed a significant increase in yield when SG-F2 was combined with 50% conventional fertilizer. SG-F2 treatment alone showed an increase in the I 000 pod weight over the I 00% and 50% conventional fertilizer. Number of root nodules (active) was more in SG-F2 with 50% conventional fertilizer (T2) and SG-F2 (Tl) only treated plants. The brix value is also more in SumaGrow-F2 only and SG-F2 with 50% conventional fertilizer treatments. Since SG-F2 is ecofriendly, it attracted more natural pollinators. Natural cross pollination resulted in increased pods with three to five seeds that develop underground. Flowering continued over a long period and pods were fully matured in SG-F2 with 50% conventional fertilizer. Gynophores remained strong under the ground in SG-F2 with 50% fertilizer and SumaGrow only treatments, while in 100% fertilizer treated plots the pods were separated in the soil due to peg rotting and the resulting loose pods have been lost during the harvest causing reduction in pod yield.

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